Our FAQs

What should be the minimum typing speed required to work here as a data entry operator?

There is no specific typing speed required for our data entry projects.The average time required for each of the plan has been calculated by taking a typing speed of 40 Words per Minute (WPM). The higher is the typing speed, the lesser time it takes to complete the project.

What is the accuracy level to be maintained in this data entry project?

no errors in a page is permitted. The pages which contain errors more then perticular criteria shown in perticular plan are not eligible for any payment. Errors are counted for spelling mistakes and punctuation errors like coma, hyphen, counted for space, alignment, word position, etc.

Why is the income per page different from plan to plan?

The income per page differs depending upon a plan. basic plans consists of Indian projects only, whereas the other have international data entry projects from Canada, UK, Australia. Therefore the rate per page differs, as we get less amount for domestic projects and higher amount for international projects.

Why is the registration fee taken and when is it refunded?

The registration fee is taken as a security deposit, so that if a candidate quits all of a sudden, the company does not have to face any loss due to his incomplete work.

What is the registration process? How long does it takes to start the work?

The registration process if very simple and can be completed within a couple of hours. Choose a plan to join and call our support team.After successful registration we will send you the work attachments, instruction, etc within 5 hours. You can then start the work after downloading those attachments from your Email Id.